Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Integrating Technology in Coaching Adolescent Cross Country Skiers

Integrating technology is a great idea to reach kids.  Today's kids are tech saavy.  Learning somehow seems more engaging when you're looking at a screen.  Traditionalists would say, no, what I have been doing has been working, so why change.  The fact is that there are some useful tools that you can, that you probably are already using, but are worth mentioning here.  Here are a few I have accessed with my coaching work.

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Ubsersense - https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/ubersense-coach-slow-motion/id470428362?mt=8

available free on itunes - this app is great for video work of skiers especially when downloaded onto a tablet. The app allows you to record, play back in various speeds, split the screen to compare two files.  All of this with great tutorial support, online blogs, and youtube instructional videos.

Highly recommended.

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Coach's Eye - https://www.coachseye.com/

the free version of coach's eye doesnt include as many bells and whistles and as much storage space as Ubersense, but has many of the same features.  The last version I used doesnt include a drawing tool that ubersense has, which is quite useful for focusing on a specific piece of technique.


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\Dartfish - http://www.dartfish.com/

I havent used this one alot, and is one of the original video analysis software programs.  Last i checked there was no free version.  I first saw this one 10 years ago when a national team coach shared his work with athletes with a group of coaches.  Many clubs purchased the software.  Not sure really how esay this one is to use, as the last version i saw, you downloaded your video to the software and then used the analysis tools.

Here is a video comparing Coach's eye and Ubersense

Summer is drawing to a close in part of the world.  In fact we had snow above 1800m a couple of days ago and -2C

Enjoy the rest of your summer

Roy Strum
Canmore, AB